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Teplice joins Pastel Prism, presents Bright Future EP

The producergirls alumni shares the title track ahead of the four track release on October 18th 2019.

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27th September, 2019

Producer, singer and songwriter Teplice, aka Matilda Jones, will release her debut four track EP ‘Bright Future’ on Pastel Prism on October 18 2019.

Her self-assured debut EP sees the sculpting of sounds that combine the ghost of 1980s sentiment with the existential present.

“With this EP I wanted to think about time in relation to everything we fear, long for and expect” said Teplice, “drawing on contemporary feelings of angst, stagnation and uncertainty, I wanted to capture a sense of time elapsing at a personal, social and historical level. In this sense, considering how individual lives intersect with historical moments, my grandma has been a massive inspiration. [...] It was important to me that she was represented [in the artwork]".

While 'Late in the day' expresses feminine angst, detached frustration at a lack of change, 'I used to wait' is a cool yet decisive awakening against the gendered imperative to please, interrupted by the eerie, dystopic murmurs of the interlude. Finally, ‘Bright Future’, the EP's namesake, breeds a hopeful impulse; warm defiance in the face of dread.

“I’ve stayed in touch with Teplice since our workshops and have been so excited to hear new music” said E.M.M.A. “When I started the label, I had hoped to use it as a platform for past workshop attendees, so you can imagine how bowled over I was when Teplice started sending me some of the best music I’ve heard in ages.

“I think a lot of people will relate to the storytelling of the words. It is truth in its purest form, supported by a spectrum of production which evokes the heart-centred intent of songs we’ve seen last a lifetime.

“In these strange times, music can help guide us through periods where we are unsure of ourselves and what is around us. I hope everyone enjoys the EP as much as I do.” 

releases October 18, 2019


  1. Late in the day

  2. I used to wait

  3. Handmaid dream (Interlude) 

  4. Bright Future

Bright Future, the title track, is now available for pre-order on bandcamp and other outlets

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