3 December 2019 - E.M.M.A.'s free to attend producergirls workshops cited as part of a positive cultural shift in a historically problematic scene.

Mixmag - Producergirls workshops helped make dance music 'more ethical' in 2010s

September 2018 - The inaugural single sees E.M.M.A. soundtrack short film 'Liberty' directed by Sophie Davies

E.M.M.A. - launches Pastel Prism record label

Teplice_Photo_Pastel Prism.jpg

27 September 2019 - Teplice, producergirls alumni, is the first artist to join the label with a spectacular four track EP.

Teplice joins Pastel Prism, presents Bright Future EP

May 2018 - Gucci's latest jewellery campaign features screen icon Tippi Hedren as a mystical fortune teller.  

E.M.M.A. - soundtracks Gucci Timepieces campaign

March 2019 - Featured alongside David Bowie and Phillip Glass, listen to the latest Chanel show soundtrack playlist by Michel Gaubert here.

E.M.M.A. - 'Liberty' featured in Paris Chanel AW2019/20