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A reflection on my artist talk at CDR, Corsica Studios

Last week I was invited to do an artist talk by Create Define Release (CDR) at Corsica Studios. CDR creates spaces for music communities to grow and learn together, where attendees also get to hear their music played on a club system.

It was quite unusual for me to be able to share my process and talk about the 'how' and the 'why' behind my approach to making music, covering influences from dad rock to grime and sunshine noir TV to Delia Derbyshire.

It reminded me of our producergirls workshops, the importance of passing on education, advice and learnings to others in supportive environment where there is no cost barrier to entry.

It's the opposite of gatekeeping which has plagued the music industry in various ways. Not least the upfront costs to equipment and education, in a sector not known for it's financial viability, and with a track record of mistreating artists for many decades.

Stripping back to the basics of the joy and love of making music is hugely beneficial, making spaces like CDR incredibly important. Transparency on how to fulfil your artistic intentions while making ends meet is also important. It's entirely valid to have another job or jobs to protect your art and stop you feeling like you are not achieving what you should be.

Just having the chance to reflect on my journey, motivations, the people who inspire me while connecting with a group of creatives made me realise we all should do this more often, together.

I felt uplifted by the event and I hope other people did too.

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